2019 / 105' / Hong Kong / In Cantonese with English and Chinese subtitles / Color

★ Six nominations for the Hong Kong Film Awards 2019

★ Film of Merit, Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards 2019

★ Winner of the 3 rd Hong Kong “First Feature Film Initiative”

When a human head is discovered, the paths of a female student, a cellist, an autistic teenager, a police officer, a prostitute, a teacher and a dog are found to be serendipitously entwined. Who caused the death? What is the motive? Where is the body? Attempts to answer these questions lead to keywords starting with the letter "G". As the case is peeled back layer by layer, the complexity and desperation of the people living in Hong Kong today are slowly uncovered, and a suspenseful multifarious Hong Kong story is revealed. G Affairs received 6 nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Dir:Cheuk Pan Lee

Cast : Hanna Chan, Chapman To, Lu Huang, Alan Luk, Sen Lam, Kyle Li

About the director
Cheuk Pan Lee was influenced by the film Infernal Affairs, and with the rise of digital cameras, he began to fall in love with narrative and got into the film industry. He has worked as a short film, commercial, and MV director and assistant director of several films. Lee has collaborated with such directors as Ka-Seung Chan, Muk Sing Chan and Chiu-Yin Lam. In 2011, he participated in the Fresh Wave festival with the short film Cyber Bully. In 2017, he was funded by the Hong Kong Film Development Fund and directed his first feature film G AFFAIRS. With its bold theme and extreme style, the film was nominated for six Hong Kong Film Awards, including the new director award, attracting wide attention from the industry.

25/6 20:00 *Post screening talk with director and cast (Kyle Li)*