Liberation Day

2016 / 100' / Latvia & Norway & Slovenia / English & Korean, with Chi & Eng subtitles / Color
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(Ugis Olte & Morten Traavik

The several films on North Korea made in recent years share the common tendency to satirize and criticize the regime from the Western perspective. But Liberation Day is different.

Led by Morten Traavik, the director of this film, As the band’s perfect partner, the director documented their North Korea tour as well as the resistance to the show from all sides. It is a remarkable journey that the band has accomplished, as the first-ever Western rock band to perform in North Korea, where they presented a variety of songs including their trademark avant-garde music, a rendition of the famous Korean folk song Arirang, as well as several tunes from The Sound of Music. As Philosopher Slavoj Žižek puts it, “in the case of Laibach, it is as if the regime (of Yugoslavia) got back its own message in its true, naked form.”
• DFA 2016: International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam
• Sydney Film Festival 2017, Australia
• Göteborg Film Festival 2017, Sweden