Log in Dinner

2016 / 28' / Macao / In Mandarin with Chinese & English subtitles / Color

Dir : Cheong Chi Wai

Wei is getting old and his restaurant is out of business. His son has his own family now and moves away. Every day he rides the same bus. He talks to the bus driver and takes in all the scenery from outside the window to go by each day.On his grandson’s birthday: his present was disliked. Desperation drives him to the PC warehouse. He tries to reach his family’s affection through the Internet.The brand-new computer is a totally abnormal object in his outdated restaurant.The first thing that come’s up on Wei’s strange Internet world was Teenager Angel’s live video of her meal. For now, Wei found something he can hold on to.

About the director : 

Cheong Chi Wai is an alumnus of Golden Horse Film Academy and is doing an MFA Program in Filmmaking in the Department of Filmmaking, Taipei University of the Arts.

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