【Section 5: Film School Panorama】Lodz Film School - Selected Shorts

2022-2023 / 129' / Poland / In Polish with Chinese and English subtitles / Color



A film inspired by the absurdity of everyday life.

Director: Katarzyna Miechowicz

Such Miracles Do Happen


"It's walking with no muscles, though it shouldn't be able to walk. Stone tissue. How strange." - said the girl and looked at her boneless body.

Director: Barbara Rupik

This Will Not Be A Festival Film


A tale of a girl who studied animation and spent four years without a day of holidays.

An animated short about a film school student who is working on her graduation film.

Director: Julia Orlik

There Are People In the Forest


A lonely man limps down the road. A truck drives up to him. Several armed men jumped out of it. They capture the limping man and transport him to the forest. The only witnesses of the scene are people from a nearby village.

Director: Szymon Ruczyński 



Our life is calculated for four dogs. The first one dies, as it happens, when you are on holiday. The second one dies alone. Third, you take to veterinarians for a long time. With the fourth, you are getting old together. The film is a record of memories associated with each of the dogs. Fragments of biographies reflect on a given time thanks to the plot and thanks to the texture of the image. This short film was shooted on a 8 mm film, MiniDV, Super 16 mm and CMOS Super 35 mm.

Director: Maciej Białoruski

Be Somebody 


A common guy, an electrician named Wiktor moves in with his family to a new apartment. Soon they find out that the apartment used to belong to Lech Walesa, a former Polish President and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, who started out as an electrician. Wiktor's wife, Sylwia, starts to make money on foreign tourists, turning their new home into a museum and her husband into Walesa's impersonator.

Sylwia's new obsession leads to Wiktor's confrontation with Walesa's legend.

Director: Michał Toczek



According to researches made throughout the 1990s by the Institute for Public Opinion Research (OBOP) approximately 95% of Poles identified themselves as believers. At the same time unemployment rates reached record values. In times of crisis, when people sought spirituality, seemingly impossible events were possible…

Director:Jan Bujnowski

Warszwa, Holandia


Amid the bustle of the Baluty, the City of Lodz district, a young man masks his true self and gets lost in the grind of part-time jobs. Harsh words and rough streets fill his days, but one person gives him a glimpse of something more. Together they roam the city on the scooter, sharing meals and moments until the day of departure approaches.

Director: Ming-Wei Chiang

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