SEPT TGIF - An Autumn Tale

1998 / 112' / France / In French with Chinese and English subtitles / Color

An Autumn Tale X Red Wine Party🍷

Is your daily life full of hustle and bustle?

We are going to to chill with you! Every month, we select a Friday night and bring you #tgif [tonight-is-friday] screenings. In addition to it, we'll arrange a special activity that you are welcome to attend! It's a great way to spice up your life and bring you some inspiration and motivation!

September is the perfect time to enjoy the film An Autumn Tale, one of the “Tales of the Four Seasons" series by French New Wave director and love philosopher Éric Rohmer!

In order to continue the enchanting atmosphere of the film, a French wine tasting party will be held after the screening, where Lauryn, a sommelier who is passionate about wine culture, will share her wine knowledge with the audience and tell them the stories behind the bottles.

*The wine party is suitable for persons aged 18 or above

*FIlm Screening

An Autumn Tale

1998/112’/B/France/In French with Chinese and English subtitles

★ 1998 Venice Film Festival - Winner of Best Screenplay

★ One of the “Tales of the Four Seasons" series

Magali, 45, a wine grower in the South of France, feels isolated now that her son and daughter have left home. Her friend Isabelle tries to find her a husband and places a lonely hearts advertisement on her behalf – without letting her know – to which Gérald replies. At the same time Rosine, her son’s girlfriend, wants Magali to meet her former philosophy teacher (and sometime lover), Etienne. It's arranged for Magali to meet both men at Isabelle's daughter's wedding. Magali takes an instant dislike to Etienne but, still unaware of Isabelle's machinations, is immediately attracted to Gérald.

Director: Éric Rohmer

Cast: Béatrice Romand, Marie Rivière, Alain Libolt, Didier Sandre

About the Director

Éric Rohmer (1920 – 2010), was a French film director, film critic, journalist, novelist and screenwriter. Rohmer was the last of the post-World War II French New Wave directors to become established. He edited the influential film journal Cahiers du cinéma from 1957 to 1963. Rohmer gained international acclaim around 1969 when his film My Night at Maud's was nominated at the Academy Awards. He won the San Sebastián International Film Festival with Claire's Knee in 1971 and the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival for The Green Ray in 1986. Rohmer went on to receive the Venice Film Festival's Career Golden Lion in 2001.


About the Sommelier:

Lauryn worked as a bar administrator and studied WSET, with a love for delving into the storytelling behind the bottles. Although she faced challenges in the theoretical aspect and did not succeed, she achieved a distinction in blind tasting. Additionally, she works as a graphic designer and is certified as a singing bowl healing practitioner.

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